LauRyn Williams, MBA
 Financial Advisor

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Birmingham, MI 48009
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Today's investment climate may seem uncertain to many. However, we should not allow uncertainty to paralyze us into financial inaction. I believe people from all walks of life crave stability and safety. It is part of the human condition. While money and finace is just one facet of our lives it is very important to the overall quality of our lives. We leverage comprehensive financial planning as a process that provides clients with the tools and knowledge to make informed money choices daily, goal oriented financial decisions, and investment decisions that work towards a lifetime of financial wellness. Through our lives we experience many opportunities to grow in many different ways. At Waddell & Reed, our mission is to help clients explore those opportunities by providing them with three key tools:

                      A clear understanding of their financial goals

                      A well-defined roadmap for pursuing those goals

                     Ongoing advice and insight for course adjustments towards your goal


Our services cover various areas of financial management with a few specific focus areas:

Individual and Family Financial planning

Group retirement plan servicing

Financial planning for small business and entrepreneurs

Special Needs Estate and Financial planning

LGBT financial planning

We focus on helping our clients develop a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategy that is designed to fit their unique needs and enables them to pursue both short- and long-term objectives. We offer educational seminars and newsletters that outline financial concepts and highlight products designed to manage the potential financial risks in your financial strategy. For help with management of your financial goals and objectives, or for more information on Waddell & Reed, please contact us today.